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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> state health officials are urging doctors and hospitals to stop using a steroid that has been linked to a nationwide deadly meningitis outbreak. >> up to 35 cases nationwide, two are here in maryland, and one person has died. sheldon dutes has the latest. >> state health officials are not saying where these two reported cases were diagnosed but they say that hundreds of people across the state might have been exposed. they are asking everyone to be vigilant. so far, two people from maryland have been affected by a deadly bomb will meningitis outbreak that has shown up in five other states. of the two reported cases here in maryland, one person has already died. health officials say steroid injections were given in every case so far. >> it is important to note that this meningitis is not considered to be transmissible person to person. >> an official from the fda says
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tests found contamination. the company has recalled nearly 17,000 vials and state health officials say some of those came to maryland. in harford county, it went to the surgery center in abingdon and a clinic in bellaire. >> all of them pulled the implicated lots of product and they are in the process of contacting their patients. >> state health officials are urging people to watch out for the symptoms of meningitis. >> typically is headache, fever, neck stiffness, sometimes
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you can have confusion and you may have a fever with that, depending on the kind of meningitis. >> health professionals say it is treatable if caught in time. for a list of all those facilities that have been affected by that recall, but to our website,, and click on medical alert. >> tonight we are learning some disturbing details about a brawl at a high school football game that landed at teen a volunteer behind bars, accused of physically confronting for students. baltimore city police say that two officers tried to break up an altercation on the sidelines. the officers requested back up. they tried to separate the two teams. lawrence wilkens, known as a volunteer, pushed and shoved
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staff members and punched a been franklin player in the head, though he was wearing a helmet at the time. one shot was taken to the hospital. police spoke with the parents of another student who claims their job was punched in the face by wilkins. he faces several charges, including three counts of second-degree assault. >> 41 suspected gang members and drug dealers are off the streets following a massive wiretap investigation in harford county. look at what the county sheriff's office was able to seize as part of the investigation. cocaine, marijuana, heroin with a combined street value of $680,000. that is on top of 118th thousand dollars in cash. -- $118,000 in cash.
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29-year-old justin gorham is behind bars and charged with kidnapping, assault, and use of a firearm. according to police, he was in an argument over $2,000. we are told the fight escalated and gorham put the victim into a trot, -- trunk and demanded he called relatives to bring cash. the victim was found unharmed in the backseat. the case remains under investigation. >> tonight, to baltimore city police officers are on administrative leave after the pursuit of an armed man ended with gunfire. started around 12:30 this morning. police say they got a call about a man with a gun. when they arrived on the scene, they said the man reached into his waistband and pulled out a gun. that is when the first officer opened fire.
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the gunman took off running and in nearby officer stepped in. >> the activity was broadcasted of the police radio. other officers in the area heard the gunshots. the second officer encountered the suspect and fired his weapon. >> detectives are waiting to interview him as part of their investigation. >> residents along eased monument street may feel like the bottom dropped out from under them again. at third sinkhole opened over the storm drain tunnel in the 2300 block of east monument. city public works officials say it is smaller and about 125 feet from the original poll that opened up back on july 25. fire officials will still try to figure out what sparked an early morning fire in fells point.
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the fire quickly engulfed all three stories of a liquor store and forced firefighters out of the building due to a partial roof collapse. it took nearly two hours to gain control of the fire. one firefighter was taken to hospital with non life- threatening injuries. >> last night against tampa pay, people were calling it a must win game, but it really was not. tomorrow night, it really is. >> the orioles now have to win against texas tomorrow night or their postseason run is over. pete gilbert is traveling with the team and is in arlington, texas, with the latest. >> but so what really had two choices for his starting pitcher on friday. it was whether or not to go with the lefty whose experience, or the right-hander who is a rookie. maybe a little shaken up coming
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off a right knee injury. the numbers are not very good in this ballpark. but the numbers may be little misleading. >> i threw my first complete game here. i lost 1-0 here. the record speaks for itself but it also does not show what i have done here. a few bad start, but it does not show my good starts as well. >> the book on the rangers this wrote as a lefty. we will see if joe saunders had some luck in regard to that. >> fans are hoping for a win against texas friday night so they can see the first orioles home playoff game in nearly two decades. for area businesses, the wait and see has them in limbo. some vendors still have to hold
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off on stalking division series gear. bond-trading is eagerly awaiting to mar nice results. >> is extremely nerve wracking. we are sitting back waiting period. we are going day-by-day, hour by hour, watching every pitch and every inning just like everyone else. >> of course they want that beer. baltimore city, too, as parking, red light, and speed cameras tickets always spike. >> we are looking for the orioles biggest fan. you? going to and send us your pictures.
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just click on ulocal. >> president obama and mitt romney are hitting in the hotly contested battle ground states after the first time to tell matchup last night. many analysts see romney as the victor, st. president obama needs to work to keep that momentum going. tracing mitchell is in washington. >> the president's team compares the debate to the playoffs. after the game, you evaluate and make adjustments. obama came out in the battleground state of colorado firing and ready for the fight. >> when i got onto the stage, i met this buried spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney. -- i met this very spirited fellow who claim to be mitt romney. he did not want to be held accountable for the real mitt romney decisions and what he has been saying for the last year. that is because he knows full well that we don't want what he
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has been selling for the last year. >> it is fun to be here and feel all that energy that you have here. >> the governor was selling his crowd also. >> the government's trickle-down economy is one where he will raise taxes on small business, which will kill jobs. i want to keep taxes down on small businesses so we can create jobs. this is about good jobs for the american people. >> they will meet again to talk domestic and foreign policy in less than two weeks. >> obama has been commander in chief for the last four years. he also killed bin laden. those two things together give him a natural advantage going into the next debate. >> tracey mitchell, wbal-tv 11 news. >> see the five things learned from the debate and the fallout
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from the sesame street comment in our commitment 2012 smart phone app and at >> up next, the feds make a big bust. details on how they claim several medical professionals cheated the insurance program. >> a new twist on an old classic. the computer virus targeting maryland residents. >> all comes back in full force over the weekend. right now is relatively mild. 63 at
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the principal of perry hall high school shared his memories of that terrible day where a shooting and a school at the student critically injured. topics at the annual state school conference range from bullying. >> i would be lying if i set every time i think of it i do not get emotions welling up because it was so emotional during that day. >> daniel borowy is still recovering after being shot in the back during the shooting last month. the shooter faces more than 29 charges, including attempted murder. >> tonight we have a follow-up to an 11 news investigation. billions of tax dollars are wasted every year on insurance
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providers to cheat. 91 people were charged with medicare fraud involving $420 billion in false billings and several metro areas. includes doctors and nurses in seven major cities. they do it by killing people for medically unnecessary procedures or for services that are never performed. -- by billing people for medically unnecessary procedures. jayne miller told us about dr. larry bernard who has been making his money by ripping off medicare for patient care that he did not provide. he showed just how easy it is to cheat the system out of millions of dollars. >> the maryland controller's office is warning of a computer spam tonight. as kai reed explains, the
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perpetrators claim to be from the comptroller's office. >> comptroller's office received its first complaint on wednesday. >> they said their computer lockup and demanded payment to be sent to the comptroller's office before their computer would be a lot. but the message that pops up included a demand for $200. unlike other viruses, this one appears to attack when the user visits a compromise website. once on the website, the virus installed on to the computer, the computer locks, and the message appears. the office does not monitor individual computer usage and almost never would contact you on the computer. >> this virus is similar to
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another recent widespread scam including a message and they find claiming to be from the fbi. scammers tell users they have been identified for being involved with child porn or other illegal activity and have to pay $200 to avoid legal activity. >> any organization that you do business with, if it seems suspicious, it probably is and you should contact someone immediately. >> kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore's inner harbor remains polluted, according to a new report on water quality released this morning. that but the findings are not all bad. oxygen levels and water clarity have improved since last year, but bacteria levels, sewage leaks and stormwater runoff remain problem areas.
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in turn analyst placed the blame on last year's heavy rains that polluted the harbor. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the calendar says it is all, but in north dakota this is what it look like in grand forks. he will look up to several inches of snow accumulating. -- people woke up to several inches of snow accumulating. northwestern minnesota had upwards of a foot of snow on the ground. grand forks ended up with a record-setting 3.5 inches of snow, a record for the fourth day of october. a few days ago in was 80 degrees. today there were four inches of snow, and a foot of snow in parts of minnesota. the chill is headed in this direction. we were at 80 degrees today in baltimore, 83 on the outer banks of north carolina.
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80 at the airport, nine degrees warmer than normal. 63 degrees is the current temperature and is cooling off right now. a little over half inch of rain for the month so far. the showers are moving out and the midwestern cold front just now showing up to the northwest of us, cutting across michigan. that will be here saturday afternoon. cooling off tonight, and it will be a couple of degrees cooler than it was last night, maybe just cool enough to produce areas of fog in some areas. otherwise clear skies and lows of 52-60. there is that upper midwestern snowstorm. the front is pushing out ahead of it with a line of showers. the report agreed that international falls right now and 54 in chicago. 64 here in baltimore. that cool air will be marching
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slowly to the south and east. it looks like the snow will basically stayed to the north, a little more in the upper peninsula of michigan in the next 24 hours. mostly right at the front makes its way into western pennsylvania, and then gradually get stored baltimore on saturday. between noon and 4:00 we will see the front cutting across metro baltimore and pushing down to the coast. there may be a chilly rain for part of sunday as well. temperatures may actually falling during the day instead of climbing on sunday. get outside and enjoy it because it will be gone over the weekend. waves less than 1 foot on the bay. big temperature changes coming in the mountains. a high of the day around 50 saturday and staying in the 40's for high temperatures on sunday and monday. they could see a snowflake their
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late sunday into monday. sunny skies on the eastern shore tomorrow, show hours on saturday. much cooler on sunday. you get a couple of days to enjoy the warm weather, then it cools off a whole lot more sunday into monday. the 15th storm of the season is out in the atlantic, and is tropical storm oscar. it is expected to drift to the northeast and then fall apart in the next 24-48 hours. tomorrow, 82, saturday 76, sunday only in the 50's and the same thing monday. >> two more nights wild-card game. come back for sports so you can figure out what i am talking about.
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>> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. tonight's jackpot is an estimated $775,000. here are your winning numbers for tonight. 13-16-22-10-15-34. if no one matches all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $800,000. the next drawing is monday night at 11:22 here on wbal-tv 11. the maryland lottery, let yourse?o?o?oçoíc';woçwk
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>> this is 11 sports. >> tomorrow night in texas, the 15-year wait ends as the orioles played the first playoff game since 1997. , butrow night's starter
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showalter will go with a starting pitcher tomorrow night against the rangers. he has become a rock-solid starter in the rotation. pete gilbert has more on tomorrow night's matchup from the ballpark in arlington. but joe saunders takes the mound for the orioles. the rangers are going with haruki yu darvish -- with the rookie yu darvish. the orioles in seven games against the rangers did not face yu at all. >> we know his reputation. we will look at him today or tomorrow and get a game plan and go after him. >> you can see rose 94, 95 -- he
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throws in '94, '95. they have to make sure that yu darvish shows strikes. you are not facing the tampa bay rays. you have to take advantage of those opportunities if they come. pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11 sports. >> a pretty good chance the pre- game speech from but showalter will include the phrase "don't let you beat you." the season ends where the loser tomorrow night. a lot more than this season has ended in boston. bobby valentine was fired. he oversaw a six month minnie at fenway. he finished with the boston finished with the worst record in almost half a century.
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if what the ravens did on offense in september carries over, people will start to notice. the ravens, the no. 2 offense in the nfl. this sunday, joe flacco has the first chance to become the first ravens quarterback ever to throw for more than 300 yards in three consecutive games. the ravens have not forgotten about ray rice. he ranks second in total yards in scrimmage. september was impressive, but there are much higher hopes for october and beyond. but all our guys would agree we have not played our best offensive football yet. we have not played as well as we are going to play. early in the year, that is the important thing. we just keep getting better.
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>> the ravens in kansas city, the orioles in texas. yu darvish the picture. >> tom is up next with a look at the seven-day forecast.
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>> so yu darvish, this one is for you. >> sunny skies and warm tomorrow, 82 degrees. the showers and the cold front arriving saturday. they may have to wait until monday to play because of the rain moving in. it will be cool with highs in the 50's sunday and monday and lows in the 30's. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from the new movie "argo," ben affleck. oscar winner octavia spencer.


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